WTB: GPM45 Combo

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WTB: GPM45 Combo

Post by burrmanchu » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:56 am

Been wanting one of these for almost a decade... I know they're kinda hard to find nowadays, but if anyone can part with one let me know. Not a collector or anything, just want one to gig with and enjoy. Almost had a 45/100 yesterday but it's just too much power for what I do, and then I'd have to GAS all over cabs to match it. My old junky 90's SS Marshall (my first amp, went strong for 20 years!) is finally dying, and I've been due for an upgrade for years (and years and years). Since I don't have any higher end amp connections and the "best" music shop we have in Peoria, IL is a Guitar Center (ugh), I figured I'd at least try and ask here. It's my bday Monday so I thought hey, maybe the universe (or at least the internet) will throw me a miracle for once! Can't hurt to try, right?

PM me or reply here and I'll get back to ya. Not sure what the protocol is on the MF.

Thanks guys~

- Burr

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