The great Floyd Rose Big-Block Shootout.

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Re: The great Floyd Rose Big-Block Shootout.

Post by chrisom » Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:12 pm

by bluesguy » Wed Apr 21, 2010 - I got one of those Brass Big-Blocks from Floyd Upgrades and while it was a huge tone inprovment, the block sits right up against the inside wall of the guitars trem cavity(a new USA production Charvel San Dimas) causing the Floyd to float off the body, instead of sitting flat against the body. Looks like I have to remove wood in the trem cavity to make clearance for the block, which I don't want to do. The block is the #37 type. I'm confused! :? Jbat667 or anyone, can you help with any suggestions?
Bump-'in this old thread, because I have the same situation with my KnE/Warmoth super-strat. It plays and sounds great, but I would like to get that bridge-plate all the way DOWN onto the body- Instead of resting a bit above it because the thicker block is contacting the body inside the routing under the Floyd Rose tremolo.

Anyone have to do this yet? :?

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Re: The great Floyd Rose Big-Block Shootout.

Post by AJW » Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:18 pm

I have both a Warmoth Super-Strat and a Super-JazzMaster :lol:. Both have FU brass blocks with no issue. One is a flush mount, and the other is recessed. I think they are both 37mm L shaped blocks.

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Re: The great Floyd Rose Big-Block Shootout.

Post by Megaro » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:27 pm

I have one all Titanium Floyd and two 1984 Floyd with the Big blocks and then one of those super big blocks that cover more of the cavity. The Titanium package and block is definitely lighter. I switched them around in various 80s shred guitars. Also mixed and matched saddles and blocks. Overall, they have an effect on the tone, but it really depends on your rig and what you personally consider an improvement. Not everyone is going to notice it. The changes are real -- but subtle. If you are tight on cash and are looking to boost up your tone, put the money in an EQ pedal. If you like to tinker and have some free cash, give them a try. The brass block adds some heft and kind of has a feel to it that you tightened the springs a little. So it is more than just tone. They both change the setup feel just a wee bit. I liked the brass big block in one of my guitars but not one of my others. Too many variables with guitars to say the effects are 100% across the board tone enhancers.

Not trying to step on anyone's toes. But the net can be an evil place for a guitarist who is having trouble paying the bills because there is always a new this or that to be bought with some pretty persuasive testimonials. If you like your tone now the way it is, don't sweat these upgrades. Although the stainless block inserts and big screw thingees are very nice. That is a real design enhancement, IMO. I have ordered from both Floyd Rose and FU. FU gets my vote for customer service. They are good people. Floyd Rose website would not answer my emails when I had a problem with a titanium saddle insert.

Oh yeah. Do not lose a titanium insert and try to find a replacement from Floyd Rose for just one saddle. Ask me how I know .... The cylindrical titanium saddle inserts do not center up the lighter gauge strings during setup as well as the old style blocks. It will work, you just have to futz with them a little more. I did not find the all titanium setup to be a tone pleaser in my guitar, but it had a nice light, positive tactile feel.

My experience is that these changes neither fall into the category of it is all BS nor do they fall into the category of a must have expenditure for any locking trem user.

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