Pentodes in Triode operation vs Triode wiring

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Pentodes in Triode operation vs Triode wiring

Post by Haze13 » Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:13 pm

I see many amps offer that option as a power reduction. Like 15 watts in pentode mode and 7 in triode mode.
From a datasheets I read that for a triode operation the tube needs twice the current than in a pentode operation, depending on the B+ off course.
The tubes that I interested in are EL34/6CA7. They are the only famous tubes that being used in a guitar amplification that doesn't have an internal connection between the grid and the cathode => they can be wired as a true triodes with a grid in the way...
Does some body tried to use them as a triodes with a high current (~70mA per tube in a PP) for a PP or a SE designs? That's what I want to try and before getting started wanted to hear your opinion on the subject.

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