Quintessential speaker/cab combinations?

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Quintessential speaker/cab combinations?

Post by burnsqc » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:37 pm

Hey all,

I'm doing some research before I upgrade my cab. I'd be curious to know what everyone's opinion is on what the "quintessential" cabs are for various amps. To be clear, I'm not exactly looking for "what sounds best" or any favorites, just what the simple default is. I'm also not yet looking for recommendations (though I do welcome them), mostly just looking for knowledge. I'd like to have a clean slate before I start tweaking in any direction. For example, I imagine something like this would make sense:

1959 - 1960A/B - G12M25 (75Hz)
2203 - 1960A/B - G12T75

Anyone have good "typical" vintage (including 80's) stack ideas?

Side note: I joined this community under a different username several years ago when I was in high school and learning to build my first amp. You guys were a ton of help, and ultimately building that amp is what lead me to become an electrical engineer.

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