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Bassman Blackface 212 / Greenbacks

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:52 am
by MakoML
Due to new space limitations I sold my 412 cabs and am looking to pickup a decent 212. I kept a pair of old 16 ohm Greenbacks to swap into a 212. I found an older (not sure How old) closed back Fender Bassman 212 cab for decent price I think with the original Jensen Speakers.

I need to know how this cabinet would handle a pair of Greenbacks and an attenuated cranked Marshall Super lead head tone wise. Does the Pine react differently than baltic birch enough to make it a pass for what I like? How different would it sound than the EVH 212 or a Marshall 212 with Greenbacks?

Any tips on optimal 212 cabinet size / volume for getting a pair of greenbacks to sound close to a quad?