4, and 16 ohm mono and 8 ohm stereo from a single jack.

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4, and 16 ohm mono and 8 ohm stereo from a single jack.

Post by Wattever » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:03 pm

I’ve been working on a JCM 800 cab to use to demo various amps.

It has 16 ohm speakers that I plan to wire to a stereo jack 8ohm stereo.

Nothing too odd there, but I’m also planning to make up a pair of odd speaker cables, with a normal mono plug/2 wire hookup on one end,(to plug into the amp) and (this is where it gets weird) stereo plugs on the other end.

One of the stereo plugs will have one wire connected to the sleeve and the other to both the tip and ring.

The other cable will have the wires connected to the tip and ring only, bypassing the sleeve altogether.

I think that will give me both 4 and 16 ohms mono, depending which cable I use, and without the need hog out the jack opening in the rear panel to use the factory type switch.

Can anyone offer any reasons why it won't work? :shrug:

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