Info/Source for Custom JTM45 Chassis

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Info/Source for Custom JTM45 Chassis

Post by kinmike » Sun Mar 20, 2022 8:42 pm


In the early 2000's I bought a Park 45 style head cab and control panel from Vic at the old Plexi Palace (remember the Vintage Amp Forum?). This was a few years before Mitch reissued the Park line. This is just another project of mine that has sat in mothballs for 20 years. I even have in my possession the distinctive Park control knobs that are now available from North Coast Music (not cheap).

To start up this project I need a stock JTM45 chassis with one difference: the front panel holes need to be drilled for the Park 45 style control panel. The stock Marshall is not even close.

Nik from Ceritone said he can make me a chassis with a blank front panel. Does anyone have the CADD for the Valvestorm JTM45 chassis for Nik?

Or a suggestion for another source for a chassis identical to the JTM45 with a blank front face.



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