Slaving a Plexi Project

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Re: Slaving a Plexi Project

Post by mean_street » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:39 am

I sold my Matrix, too. I felt that it was changing a the mids a little bit. The thing is my old, cheap PA power amp sounds better in a Slaving setup but has not enough power and is heavy, so I'm looking for a linear light weight power amp in the moment. I don't want a tube power amp because those that I tried coloured the sound too much.

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Re: Slaving a Plexi Project

Post by budubum92 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:08 pm


Id like to try slaving but not sure my setupbwould work.

What i have is a plexi marshall, 4x12 cab and a weber mini mass 50.

What id need to get is a solidstate power amp like the marshall valvestate power amp.

My idea is, from the marshalls speaker output to the mini mass 50 attenuator's input. Then hook a small 1x12 cab from the mini mass 50 output just to be on a safeside loading the amp correctly.

Id also set the mini mass to low level as possible and it aint gonna be all quiet but atleast low signal from the 1x12.

From the mini mass line out jack to the input of the marshall valvestate poweramp. From power amp to the 4x12 and mic that 4x12 up.

Would this thing work?

Can i control the over all volume from the 4x12 by using the power amps volume control.

If the 1x12 is still annoyingly loud even in lowest settings of mini mass, i could cover that up with pillows and such.

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Re: Slaving a Plexi Project

Post by eljodon » Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:07 pm

It could work, but it would be much better if you get the Suhr Reactive load so you don't have to use the 1 x 12 cabinet as a load. I'm not familiar with the Weber mini mass 50 but some units have a low pass filter on the line out which would make your amp sound dark. Since a typical Marshall cab with Celestion only goes up to 5 or 6Khz it actually acts like a "lowpass filter" I use an RJM mini mixer and eq before going into the power amp. The eq gives you options to tailor your tone depending on how loud you're playing or what type of tone you want
You could also split the signal to ad effects if you have a mixer. I run one Marshall 1960B cabinet in stereo or 2
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