Performing the Mod 5 On Something Different

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Performing the Mod 5 On Something Different

Post by Ronniejackjones » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:28 pm

Folks: I've got a tube amp manufactured by a guy called Peter Fletcher-Haynes, owner of It's certainly an atypical design, as you'll notice in the photos. At present, it sounds great! But I think it would do well w/ a Mod 5 or a like modification. Now, I realize that it's purely discretionary, and that Mark took it case by case, but what I'm wondering, I suppose, is what you think Mark would have done w/ this amp. Unhappily, I don't have a schematic-yet. I will say, that some of the amps Mark worked on ended up sounding fantastic, but a little smooth or squashed for my liking; my choice "Eddie-tone" is "Little Guitars". Think this JCM is nicely balanced: If any kind soul (Whitenoise, Toneslinger) is kind enough to guide my tech and I along in modifying my amp, I will certainly pay for your time via Paypal. Regards Sound clips of the amp: ... /?mt_nav=1 Pictures of the amps wiring: ... s/library/

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Re: Performing the Mod 5 On Something Different

Post by topsportsmanta1 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:53 pm

U need too wire it like a 2203 or 2204 change wiring on pots
U need a 10k on v1a
You need a .68 with 2.7k on v1 cathode and v1b cathode
Then u need a .68 0ver 820 on v2a cathode
500pf on tone stack treble capacitor
500pf on bright channel mix capacitor were the 2 470k are
4700pf on volume 2
Either .1 for more bass or .22 on phase inverter caps
V1b plate bypass capacitor needs too be a xicon .0022
That is pretty much it you can change filter cans for more squish n chew if needed
Hope this helps you

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Re: Performing the Mod 5 On Something Different

Post by jnew » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:18 pm

Why do you want to mod that amp? AFAIK, a mod 5 was to get a driven plexi style amp to a manageable volume. I don’t think volume management is an issue with that amp.
Secondly, if it’s EVH tone you are really after, I would recommend starting with the proper plexi platform. A mod 5 on any random amp isn’t a recipe for EVH tone.
BTW, that amp sounds pretty damn good as is and has its own mojo. Be a shame to try and make it something it just isn’t.
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