C1998 winding question

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C1998 winding question

Post by slashCro » Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:59 am

I am building 1969 replica(with 22+22uF filtering in preamp).So after buying almost all parts on my list only one thing(s) left is
transformers(power and output) and choke.For lower cost(Im still in high school,so my main source of income chopping wood and doing various construction work in summer)I am going to source transformers and choke from local winding company(who is good at winding tube output transformers).I know the specs for power transformer and choke,but not for output transformer.So i began to search on internet for winding spec of C1998 transformer and i found something intresting.
It is a winding diagram of C1998.
So if you could be so kind and approve or disapprove this diagram?

Sorry for my english
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