New Member - Successful Zero Loss FX Loop Install on 2204

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New Member - Successful Zero Loss FX Loop Install on 2204

Post by goondout » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:47 pm

This is my first post to the forum. First off, my sincere thanks; I would have never attempted the Zero Loss FX Loop mod without having first read about other folks' experiences - both good and bad. I have a factory '83 Marshall JCM800 2204 50W. I was hesitant to permanently alter the stock chassis, but found a way to do this with minimal impact to the amp's appearance. I managed to remove the rear faceplate without a single crease in the aluminum (heat gun and a tapered spatula). If I ever decide to sell (highly unlikely), I can simply re-apply the faceplate and it will cover the FX Loop holes. I got the idea when I noticed the factory chassis was pre-drilled for 4 inputs, with the stock faceplate covering the 2 unused holes. I'll just run the amp without a rear faceplate, which is rude looking in its own way.

I am not an amp tech, but self-taught enough to be safe, navigate a schematic, and make nice soldering connections. I must say, the instructions for this kit were very intuitive. Also, George was helpful with a specific question I had. All said and done, my amp has been truly transformed. I was able to get the loop powered to within 3v of the 300v specification, and after adjusting the trim pot level to account for my specific FX chain, I am having a hard time hearing ANY difference in authentic tone with, or without the loop. Simply put, this loop ROCKS. I may be naive in calling this loop 100% transparent, but there you have it.

Thanks Metro! Thanks George! This amp can do just about anything imaginable now. At some point, I hope to provide some photos and sound clips to help others along their journey. Happy rockin' to all. Thanks again. :toast:

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