Paul Kossoff Guitar Interactive edition

Inspirational tones.

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Paul Kossoff Guitar Interactive edition

Post by yngwie308 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:29 am

Just out on line the most excellent Guitar Interactive magazine from Blighty featuring the late great Paul Kossoff in this issue.
http://edition.pagesuite-professional.c ... f38721ecb5
I believe 'Uncle' Phil Harris has ended up with Koss's '55 LP Custom these days my undisclosed sources tell me!
Enjoy Koss fans of which I am one.
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Re: Paul Kossoff Guitar Interactive edition

Post by awangotango » Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:30 pm

sweet, a virtual magazine! And a great issue/honorary edition. I haven't bought a magazine in about 2o years but this was fun to 'flip' through. Man I love his pure cello mid unprocessed honest tone. Allows you to hear his soul

He understands that you need to fight the guitar a bit. contrary to most who don't like to fight it. You don't get much tone without the fight. Once the action is too low and the amp has too much preamp gain, all chances for tone are gone.

this is where his '55 all mahogany was made ! there's soul in that room..

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Re: Paul Kossoff Guitar Interactive edition

Post by Joshabr1 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:12 am

Well said. He did fight it. 11s at least high action and those bends and vibrato in those positions. You better be ready to fight it if u want to get close to that tone. It can only be gotten with a nmv type amp. Really a superbass/lead. Got to be turned way up. I play mine on 8-9. Use the guitar vol and tone a lot. He would hardly ever have his guitar vol or tone on 10. Everywhere else but 10. My guess he played a lot of Rythym between 3-7 leads around 8 maybe 10 for full effect rarely. He was the greatest hands down to me. Second place is on another planet. The first time I heard Free and seen him looking like a damn lion or something I knew that second it would change my life.

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