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Re: Hendrix Honey Univibe build story

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:57 pm
by Xplorer
Eb7+9 wrote:thx for mentioning my work Adrien,

wondering if you'd be in the mood to post a list of ideas that seem to you as being crucially important in reaching your final build results ... what transistors you used, cells, bulb ...

glad it worked out so well !
sure, i think i did it partly earlier when i finished the vibe in june or so, but here it is :

- the honey univibe layout from freestombox,
- piher résistors,
- 12v 170 mA bulb,
- vt33n2 cells ( now discontinued, and impossible to find, i wish i had one or two quads aside !!! maybe do you have some JC ? )
- the Hammond 186c28 transformer ( crucial )
- your signature JC Maillet 250k offset bias mod ( crucial to fine tune this particular cells / bulb combo )
- 1N4001
- 2sc828 ( Q range i think, i don't remember )
- 2sc539, i didn't measure it before soldering it, i wish i noted it, to buy some others just the same.
- 10 uf 16v x 2
- 1 uf 50v x 14
- 0,68uf 25v x 2
- 220 uf x 2
- 1000 uf x 1

honey values ( super crucial, different from shinei, sounding different )

C7 greenie 10 nf on board
C7 ceramic 5nf under board
C9 greenie 220 nf
C13 ceramic 4,7 nf - 4700pf
C4 ceramic 330 pf
C16 ceramic 470 pf
C6 : negative goes to LDR
C17 negative goes to R32 R33 R34
C19 et C21 : 0,68uf 25v with polarity
R37 : 47k

all this came from freestombox long thread, and all our talks at JC's forum.

Re: Hendrix Honey Univibe build story

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:04 pm
by yladrd61
Amazing work my friend !!! :jimi: :jimi: :jimi: :jimi:

Re: Hendrix Honey Univibe build story

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:43 pm
by Xplorer
Thanks ! happy new year ! it's been a while that you didn't spend some time here, glad to see you