Killer amp tech? NYC area or elsewhere?

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Killer amp tech? NYC area or elsewhere?

Post by TommyShameless » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:43 pm

Hey guys, I'm looking for a really savvy tech in the NYC area. Maybe one of you is up to the challenge? I'd also be open to someone not in the NYC area if you've got some killer samples of your work. I guess shipping is always a possibility?

I need help with a couple of things:

I've got a 74 50 watt non master volume head, and there is something funky with the preamp board. It's actually plainly obvious what is funky once you look at it. Also, I think the tube sockets may be failing. I'd also like to mod this with a really killer master volume. Maybe even add an effects loop kit?

I've actually built 3 plexis myself, with George's kits from a few years back. I'm about 8 years out of practice and I was never truly able to get the sound I wanted out of them anyway. My attempts at a PPI MV really didn't work well on my 68 clone, and I hated the way it sounded on my 69 clone. I think I'd like to revisit those.

My current goal is less EVH, and more Tom Scholz on the first 2 Boston records. I realize there is all manner of shenanigans afoot on those 2 records, but with the right cranked and saturated Marshall sound, I can get really close by sticking a 6 band MXR in front, from what I understand.

I know this board is loaded with some seriously talented builders, and if any of you can help me get these things back in shape, that would be rad!

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