Recorded a new cd

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Recorded a new cd

Post by Ruben » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:59 am

Hi all,

My older brother (drums) and I (bass & guitar) just recently recorded a cd with our father. Well... Not at the same time 'cause our father died in 1999. He was widly considerd as one of the best boogie-woogie, jazz & blues pianoplayers ever to come out of the Europe.

He started out in 1957, played all around the world, right up to the day he died. Funny thing; his father (my grandpa) came from Indonesia. Sounds familair, right? Even 'funnier'; due to an accident my father cut off the tops of two fingers on his left hand. For some, that too sounds pretty familair. Like Jan van Halen he used to play the, then famous 'Loodsdrecht Jazzfestival' in the Netherlands. Perhaps they have even played together, but that I don't know for sure. So my brother plays the drums and while I started out playing drums as a kid I switched to guitar. So there you have a boogie-woogie styled instrumental group. Sometimes we actually did perform together, the tree of us, which was always something special.

Anyways... Our father left us many recordings to work on someday after he would be gone. It took us quite a while, but on december 1st the new 'Hoeke-Legacy' album will be released in Europe and of course the world wide web. Here's the first single for your listening pleasure. It's called 'Cruising with my Kids'. How appropriate. :)

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Re: Recorded a new cd

Post by Tazin » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:06 am

I like it! Has that Skynyrd/Van Halen hybrid vibe to it.

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