Build project: Bogner meets plexi meets Dumble LOL

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Build project: Bogner meets plexi meets Dumble LOL

Post by SuperWarrenOverjump » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:47 am

SO, hello everyone my name is Cristian, i'm a self taught musician, DIYer and a fan of the glowing valves. Recently, due to a series of events in my life i had to sell my amp, so currently i've been studiying posibilites about building one. After a lot of research i decided that i want something in the ballpark of a Jcm800 on steroids, more modern sounding, warm but with definition high gain stuff. My plan is to work on a PTP from Ceriatone and in there start to make the frankestein, maybe adding a 12ax7 for channel switching. I would like to have a simple clean channel (volume, tone) that interacts well with the gain channel. My purpouse is to have some sort of Dumble voicing on the clean and BGN XTC (red channel) on dirt. If the combination can be laid out in a plexi style pannel, two button footswitch, it would be awesome (and SS FX loop to simplify the things). The idea is to keep this in 50 watt, in a plexi small box format. SO here comes the questions:
-is it possible?
-Should i run EL34 or 6L6's?

Even thought i have some ideas of what to do, i lack the experience in the details and some very specific skills, so i would like to hear from your experience. I want to clarify that i have no intentions to make this on a large scale or start to build amps copying some designs, so if there's an specific schematic or anything you could share with me you can be sure i will use it for my own and personal research meanings.
All help is welcome, peace! :thumbsup:

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