EVH frankenstrat volume pot question

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EVH frankenstrat volume pot question

Post by antosimoni » Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:49 am

I need to ask for some clarification about EVH frankenstrat, given that in its original form (FWIK):
1)pickup was a hot one (12-14K)
2)volume pot was a 500K one
how could he achieve such a gret clean sound with just a twist on its volume knob?
Im no EVH expert but in my experience even a normal PAF-style humbucker with a 500K pot never cleans nicely with a dimed plexi (I have to admit that I dont have a floating bridge and I position my bridge PU very near to the strings: 2-3/64")

Im suspecting that the pot was a 250K/300K one as in the '78 interview EVH claims that the guitar "almost weighs as a les paul" and that reminded me of George Lynch which used to assemble guitars (and took the best parts for him), its superstrat had a maple body and weighted like a les paul... but it should also sound on the bright side so a 500K pot in my opinion will be way too bright (only guessing)

Many thanks for your help on my quest for better clean sound using only the volume pot
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Re: EVH frankenstrat volume pot question

Post by Roe » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:59 pm

just measure the pot. its likely to be 500k. the humbucker is probably asymmetrically wound with one hot coil and one medium coil.

my experience is that a proper superlead has excellent ability to clear up with a vintage style humbucker. but a 2204 is more difficult (although 1987s usually clean up fairly well)
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