WDW with Plexi-type Amp?

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WDW with Plexi-type Amp?

Post by Ian1eh » Sun May 19, 2019 9:30 am

Hi Guys,

I'm wanting to get the best tone out of a plexi-type single channel amp (Suhr SL67), in a wdw setup.

The amp has a PPIMV, but I am wondering if it would be preferrable to use a device like a Fryette PS with it, so that I can get the output section of the amp more engaged?

From what I understand about the Fryette:
1. This unit loads the amp (i.e. 100% slave), and then re-amps it to its own built-in 50 watt power amp.

2. There is a line out on the PS, but no level control, so I'm not sure how I would optimize the line level signal feeding an FX unit?

The Rivera Rockcrusher is a unit that "attenuates" the amp, and it has a line out with level control that could feed my FX. There is no built-in piwer amp in the Rivera, but it is passive, and I would use the attenuated amp to power the dry cab.

I have a Suhr RL now, and it is a great load, but its a 100% load......no ability to attenuate.

My goal is to get the "cranked" amp tone in my dry cab, and get a variable line level signal to my wet stereo FX.

Any thoughts on best approach??

Thanks!!! 😀

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Re: WDW with Plexi-type Amp?

Post by johnnybgoood » Thu May 23, 2019 10:39 am

The Fryette Power Station PS2 has an FX Loop. Attach your time-based effects pedals to the FX Send. It will be instrument level and not line level. Any rack-based effects use the line-level jack.

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