1968 Marshall 100 watt Superlead 12,000 series plexi clone NOS Mustards Iskras Erie Lemco

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1968 Marshall 100 watt Superlead 12,000 series plexi clone NOS Mustards Iskras Erie Lemco

Post by emmjaydubya » Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:46 pm

I wanted to put this up on the forum before it goes on Reverb in the the hope that someone who 'gets it' would end up with it!
Up for sale is my prized 12,000 clone that I built in 2013. I haven't played this amp nearly as much as I should have and it really doesn't have that many hours on it. No expense was spared on its construction, here's a short list of what it's got:

- Steel Metro 100 watt chassis
- 2" thick Marstran 1202-132 2.5k high-impedance Drake output transformer (special run)
- M****n Audio T2562 Dagnall laydown-style power transformer
- Brian Haberman main and power boards and a custom primary tagboard
- NOS 60's Mullard mustard tone caps
- NOS Iskra resistors
- NOS Lemco silver micas
- NOS Erie and Rifa filter caps
- Larry grounding arrangement
- Sparky JMP plexi front panel
- excellent Jeff Swanson 100 watt box with Marshall handle, tolex and piping
- Music Ground Marshall logo
- EH 6CA7 power tubes (VH style)
- vintage Telefunken preamp tubes

This amp was put together over a period of about 5 months with as much attention to detail as possible in order to create a completely reliable amplifier. My intention was the VH thing and if you have the hands, it will do that thing that so many on the forum here have aspired to. As close to a vintage plexi as you could reasonably come, Dave Friedman spec with a few variations, pretty much a stock circuit! Right now it is biased to 117 volts but biasing it for 90 volts (using a Variac) will take you into that territory where the gain gets nice and hairy and compressed, just screams!

Here is the build thread (with finished pics on page 7):


And here are a couple of Youtube videos of what it sounds like:



Videos are of the amp volume cranked on 10, biased at 117 volts (no Variac), only using the volume knob on the guitar. Third video illustrates the beautiful clean sound capable with the volume down on the guitar (neck pickup) and then absolutely screaming when turned up in the bridge position!

The only differences between the build thread pics and what you see in the videos are two component swaps. The RS (tonestack) and SRC (mixers) silver micas were switched out for red Lemco silver micas. Amp is in excellent condition with no scratches or dings in the tolex and low hours on the tubes. If you are interested in current pics of the amp, p.m. me or send an email (mjwane@hotmail.com) and I'll be happy to send them! $1,800 firm, plus shipping. Thanks!

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Re: 1968 Marshall 100 watt Superlead 12,000 series plexi clone NOS Mustards Iskras Erie Lemco

Post by axeman » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:07 pm

Dude that's an excellent price, low price actually. You should not have a problem finding an owner. Make a new video and uploaded on YouTube stating for sale, you'll sale it quick.

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