Current Recording Gear IF you were to start over?

Techniques for getting your tone to tape.

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Current Recording Gear IF you were to start over?

Post by NY Chief » Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:13 pm

Jury is still out on repairing my music PC that was running Pro Tools 7.

If it's beyond repair and I have to start fresh what would you go with today for a basic home set up? Going with something other (simpler) than Pro Tools is also an option ( I still struggle with PT...)
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Re: Current Recording Gear IF you were to start over?

Post by Janglin_Jack » Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:33 pm

Limited experience with ProTools, but I enjoy working with Logic. There may be some others to consider like Cubase, etc, but I am totally happy with Logic Pro.

For budget gear, not sure what interface I would go with, but would like something that has at least 8 inputs. For Preamps I have a GAP Pre73 preamp and an RNP. Avalon M5, UA610....Would like to add another colored Pre and some additional uncolored pres, too, (Sytek, BLA Auteur, etc).

Plenty of mics, but would love to add a couple MD421 and something versatile with multi-polar pattern for drum overheads and other uses, such as a set of AKG C414, SM81. Maybe an AT4050 or AT4047. Royer 121....


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Re: Current Recording Gear IF you were to start over?

Post by AJW » Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:45 pm

I have been using Propellerhead Reason to record audio lately. I have Protools, and I was using Reason rewired to Protools to do VI drum and keyboard parts. Now that I can record audio directly in Reason I've just been lazy and keep it in one program. I'm still using the Digi002R interface from Protools to get audio into Reason. The program is very user friendly, and visually oriented.

I have Seventh Circle Audio N72 (Neve style) mic pres, and 1176LN (Hairball Audio kit) and LA2A (Drip Electronics board) compressors I built myself. Along with the amps I built that is a lot of the signal chain assembled by me. I have been toying with building a large diaphram tube condenser microphone to further that. :stars:

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Re: Current Recording Gear IF you were to start over?

Post by eljodon » Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:26 pm

Pro Tools is actually easier than most DAW out there. I would suggest getting a used Mac Pro and use Pro Tools, I've been using it since 1998 with other ones like Logic Pro, which I still use for complex MIDI composition, Ableton Live and Digital Performer and if you're mostly going to record audio, from my experience Pro Tools is the best. You can buy a Pro Tools HD system very cheap on ebay which is way better than the native Pro Tools. You can buy a process card from $150 to $400 and a audio interface for $300.
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