New - Radar Studio Totally GAS'ing

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New - Radar Studio Totally GAS'ing

Post by VelvetGeorge » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:46 pm

This is showing at NAMM this week and I'm totally wanting it. Haven't geeked out on a piece of gear this hard since the Bricasti reverb (which I still don't have yet!). ... e-box.html

Always been a fan of the Radar sound since hearing an old Radar II years ago. This seems like the obvious way to go IMO. Maybe the Burl Mothership for conversion is more hip these days, I haven't got to hear them personally. But, this integrated solution makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't think twice about dumping my Apogee AD-16X's for this rig. Too bad they have lost so much value in the used market.

Check out Plexi Replicas for my personal amp builds...

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