Palmer PGA04. Audio clips!

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Palmer PGA04. Audio clips!

Post by Carbia » Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:11 pm

Hi guys!

I've recently bought a Palmer PGA04 load box and speaker simulator.

I was trying it with a friend some days ago and we recorded some clips. Don't pay attention to the mistakes in playing, just the sound :P

The amp used is a Marshall '78 2203.

First clip: LP Standard '91. Stereo delay added on protools. ... almer-test

Second clip: LP Standard. Mixing the emulated speaker with some line signal (the unit allows to blend the signals. ... almer-test

Third clip: '79 Strat + black Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal into the 2203 ... almer-test

Fourth clip: LP Standard jamming on a backing track to see how the sound cut in the mix: ... almer-test

I'm very happy with the unit. For 350€ in MusicStore worths every coin. :thumbsup:

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