Vintage amp shootout Marshall/Fender/VOX/Supro/Hiwatt/Orange

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Vintage amp shootout Marshall/Fender/VOX/Supro/Hiwatt/Orange

Post by vintage_charlie » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:45 pm

Hi guys,

i started a thread on the gear page to start a collaboration with people on the forum. I want to make a good quality shootout between some iconic vintage amps. As my chops aren't that great, i ask around, if people who would be interested in such a comparison, could send me DI recordings of their playing, so i can reamp the clips and make an extensive comparison. You'll find a detailed description and info in the thread: ... o.2133344/

The amps involved are:

1966 Marshall JTM 45/100 (my beloved clone, which i built thanks to the inspiration and people on this forum) :jimi:
1965 Fender Super Reverb
1963 VOX AC30 integrated Top Boost
1974 Orange OR120, running in OR80 mode (2 tubes)
1976 Hiwatt DR504
1964 Supro 1688TN clone


I'd appreciate if you would consider to participate - i know there are lots of great players here. :popcorn:
Then i can post links here too after the project is done (or at least ongoing).

Keep safe!

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