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Post by Ni6htWalker » Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:28 pm

awesome thread,does anybody know what amp Yngwie used on the Trilogy,Odyssey,Eclipse albums?

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Post by mikespitzer » Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:34 pm

Hello gang

I just came across this long and old thread today -- very interesting discussion about the Yngwie tone.

I am Michael Spitzer, I worked with Yngwie in the past as some fans may know.

Much of your discussion and theories about the DC10 echo gain and more is interesting .
But I should point out this is more applicable to his LIVE sound.

Having been in the studio with Yngwie I can say that he virtually never used this signal chain when recording albums.

For studio recording albums, the signal chain was usually very simple ...

Guitar ---->Grey DOD 250 ----> Boss NS2 -------> Marshall Model # 1987 (50 watt amp) ----- Speaker Cab

If a song needed it, a WAH would be added in front --- but the DC10 and CE-1 were only LIVE units --- not used in the studio at anytime I saw.

Also G12-65 speakers, gray 250 pedals and Fender XH picks were used up until around Trilogy.

After Yngwie left the hospital after his car wreck, he learned his management had ripped him off and he needed to start replacing gear.

It was around this time (Odyssey) that marks the shift in his gear ...... G12T-75 speakers, Dunlop 1.5 picks, the Yellow DOD 250 pedals , etc...
This was the gear you hear from 1988 to 2005 when he started changing things again.

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