Unused transformer leads

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Unused transformer leads

Post by rip » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:12 am

Is it okay to wire up typically unused transformer leads?

The leads I’m talking about are the
100v tap on the 1202-84 output transformer
240v tap on the 1204-43 power transformer

...Because I noticed the modern voltage and impedance selectors don’t have the front labels for them, they seem to have 6 poles/positions available that could be used. Usually calling out 3 of the available 6 positions.

So I was thinking of putting the 100v tap on the other side of the 16 ohm lug; or the 240v tap on the other side of 230v lug...

Any reason not to? Has anyone done this? Seems better than just leaving it unconnected...thoughts?


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