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Scumback Moving Sale starts next week 11/2/20!

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:05 pm
by Scumback Speakers
Hey everyone...well, the time has come for Scumback Speakers to sell off a bunch of personal gear in preparation for our move out of California.

There will be an extensive pile of guitars, amps, cabs, speakers, tubes, and other parts for sale.

I will start posting to this thread as I uncover it, unbox it. remove blankets, take pics and provide descriptions.

Most of what you see in these two pics below are going to be up for sale. Click on the links, too big for this software. ... m10-13.jpg

Most of this gear is in new or mint condition. There's very little that has scuffs, chips, dings, etc although there are a few. All items will be
priced accordingly to condition, etc. Cash is king, PayPal is fine (those fees included in the posted price) plus whatever shipping is to your location.

Before anyone asks, the two purple Steve Stevens / Raygun prototype 412 cabs are NOT for sale! My 1967 Marshall "Queen/Dokken" logo'd narrow flange
metal handle stack with the original G12M 20w speakers is NOT for sale. My 1968 Marshall straight with four G12H30 55/75 hz speakers is NOT for sale.
The original Scumback 69 spec straight cab (once owned by James Lugo) is NOT for sale.

There are three 69 spec Scumback slant cabs and nine 69 spec straight cabs for sale. There's a few other 4x12's as well.

Scumback cab specs located here:

Various Marshall 50w and 100w Metro & Scumback clone heads with the best components and NOS glass.

Around 40 Celestion frames rebuilt to Scumback specs...M75-PVC, H55-PVC, H75, H75-PVC etc.

About 20 guitars, too many to list until I have the time.

A lot of NOS glass, caps/resistors/etc that fit Marshall style amp heads. A couple TrainWreck and Komet clones with NOS glass.

This is just a sampling of what's going up for sale. All amps/guitars/cabs will be sound checked, and tested to be up to spec prior to listing for sale.

More in the coming week!

Jim 310-833-6632

Re: Scumback Moving Sale starts next week 11/2/20!

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 1:52 pm
by Scumback Speakers
Due to how much gear I have to list, I'm just going to update the TGP thread until I can slow down with orders. I know many members have reservations about doing that, but due to the amount of stuff I have to list, take pics of, etc. it's the only feasible way to do it.

And of course my idea of advertising on FB was denied by FB on my Scumback Speakers page.

You gotta love FB, you can't say "Speakers That Kick Ass" in text, but you can say it in a jpg picture. Sheesh!

TGP moving sale link here: ... 464/page-2


Re: Scumback Moving Sale starts next week 11/2/20!

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 2:49 pm
by Scumback Speakers
Speakers 11/05/2020 All prices include PayPal, but shipping is extra.


One G12M BlackBack DL21 1777 original Kurt Muller 25w cone, 16 ohms $200
One G12M BlackBack DL21 1777 Scumback BM75 65w cone, 16 ohms $150

One T1862 G12H30 30w 8 ohm with original Pulsonic “3” cone DD20U (April 20 1971) with pre rola label $300

G12M Greenback GF13 (mid 73) T1221 16 ohm 65w OCSR recone $150

Two Creamback G12M 16 ohm 65w UK made 2018 new in box $150 each

One T1511 G12M 55hz/444 Kurt Muller cone 16 ohm 25w OCSR recone $150

Two Heritage Reissue G12H30 T1234 75hz original cones 30w 26GQ date codes $125 each

One Heritage Reissue G12H30 T1234 75hz original cones 65w OCSR recone $150 each

One Silver frame (1983) G12-80 reconed to current Scumback black frame specs H75-LD 16 ohm 65w $125

Scumbag/Scumback Blue Frame Weber early 2004/2005 production

One SA12M75-16 ohm 25w $125

Two SA12H75-16 ohm 30w $125 each

Three SA12H55-16 ohm 30w $125 each

One SA12H75-8 ohm 30w $125

Reinhardt RH55-16 65w speaker (Weber custom made for Bob)

Weber Blue Dog 8 ohm 30w alnico $150

Re: Scumback Moving Sale starts next week 11/2/20!

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:20 pm
by Scumback Speakers
Since I am a major golf tournament addict/fan, I'll be updating the Moving Sale list next week after the Masters Tournament is over. Look for updates on the 16/17th to the list.

Re: Scumback Moving Sale starts next week 11/2/20!

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:43 pm
by Scumback Speakers
Epiphone Valve Jr. 5w head. $150.00 One volume control, EL84 power tube, 12AX7 preamp. unmodified, stock amp head. ... plifier.gc
5W power
Single-ended Class A tube circuit
12AX7 preamp tube
EL84 power amp tube
Tubes have DC filaments for reduced noise
Single chicken-head volume knob
4, 8, 16 ohm outputs for speaker flexibility

Egnater Rebel 20w head (2007) $250
Amp has dual 6V6, dual EL84, mix control. Pretty fierce amp if you dial in the gain to around 5-6, and set the mix between power tubes to taste.
Had new tubes installed years ago, then it was put into storage in 2016 due to my shop remodel courtesy of the LA County Planning Dept. Carrying case got lost in the move, sorry. ... 0Head.html

Jim Wagner JWP Pickups "Cherrybucker" pickup set with with push / pull 500k audio taper pots, JWP caps, and in/out phase wiring setup for a Les Paul, double black bobbins, no covers. $250 complete. Email for pic.

All prices include PayPal fees but not shipping costs. Going to need a full, complete address for that, not just a zip code, ok?