notes cutting off with Supar-Boost pedal? normal?

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notes cutting off with Supar-Boost pedal? normal?

Post by nznat » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:32 pm

hi all. Just a question.

I have a supa-boost pedal hand-wired version. When it is plugged into my Marshall 1959 amp and 4 x 12 cab, and not switched on yet, the delay pedal i use puts out something like 8 repeats when i hit the strings. Then when i turn the supa-boost pedal on in front of the delay pedal, normal placement, and hit the strings, i only get 4 delay repeats now. I.e. the supa-boost is cutting off the notes and you can hear the note depleting as if the voltage is running out. Is this weird, or is this a normal supa-boost created natural note depletion / natural compression and note drop off from this type of circuit? i.e. is this part of the normal compression from the supa-boost pedal? i think not, but maybe thats the way it was created, to create that natural compression that has the note dying out sort of thing, like a variac type of tube end of life sort of thing. ---- I place a TS808 normal overdrive pedal in the same place as the supa-boost pedal, and i get 8 plus delay repeats as normal. Hope you get my meaning here. love some advice

GEar used: eric clapton strat
Marshall 1959HW plus 4 green backs
pedal power plus 2 power supply for pedal power (its not the power supply, the supa-boost is getting plenty of power and ive tried other power supplies - isolated and non -isolated)
ibanez mini delay pedal
supa-boost pedal


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Re: notes cutting off with Supar-Boost pedal? normal?

Post by danman » Tue Jun 23, 2020 6:48 pm

Have you tried adjusting the boost pedal's volume while playing? It may be overloading or starving the signal enough to affect the delay's pedal normal operation. This is only a guess and it may be best to call and ask George directly.

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