Heyboer HYPT100 bias voltage?

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Heyboer HYPT100 bias voltage?

Post by freakshow__ » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:38 pm

Hi all

I am building a 100 watt super lead and am trying to use some spare transformers I have. For the PT I have a Heyboer HYPT100. The question I have is: There is a 45volt tap on the secondary, is that what I use for the bias circuit? Aren't super leads supposed to have 100volts for the bias?

Apparently I can't attach the drawing so here's the wire color code:

Secondary color code:

Red 350Vac @ 360ma rms
Red/wht 320V
Blue/Red 45V
Red/Yel CT 0V
Red/wht 320V
Red 350V
Green 3.15Vac @ 7.5 Amps rms
Green/Yellow 0V
Green 3.15V

Thanks for any help!

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