New build power up problems - help?

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New build power up problems - help?

Post by NY Chief » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:37 am

New build power up problems -

On first power up the indicator doesn't light on the power switch. Tracing voltage is good thru the IEC socket but not through the brand new fuse holder. Continuity on the other fuse holder checks good. No dicking around could get the bad fuse holder to work so I changed it for a Fender type I had in the box. Lamp STILL doesn't light. Check continuity at the switches. Stand by works properly but one side of the power switch dosn't show continuity in either position. WTF are the chances of that????? Can I have overheated the switch soldering the contacts???

Anybody know if the Mojo lighted rocker switch is a direct replacement? Can't get this amp off bench now waiting for a new switch. Hope this isn't a bad omen.... :?
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