Bought used 12000 - Breakup WAY too early. Help?

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Bought used 12000 - Breakup WAY too early. Help?

Post by Tylenol Jones » Tue Apr 28, 2015 11:27 am

It was assembled by the seller. Here's what it came with.

****** trannies
NOS Iskra resistors
NOS mustard caps (almost everywhere)
SoZo caps for the rest
PEC PPIMV (post-master volume)
New production Svetlana EL34 tubes.

For now, this is the only image of the build I have... until I get to open it up once I'm home.


MV is halway, volume is at *1* and there's tons of breakup already! I was under the impression that it should start to break up at noon.

It's my first Marshall-style amp so I'm quite green at this. What could be causing it to be this "hot?"

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