Metro-Plex - full length features and discussion video.

All about the new Metropoulos plexi for the 21st Century.
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Re: Metro-Plex - full length features and discussion video.

Post by yngwie308 » Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:40 pm

syscokid wrote:
yngwie308 wrote:The amp has had nothing but glowing praise from all corners George. I am well pleased for you. Since you helped create many major boutique amps yet with versatile practicality the Metro-Plex is the logical culmination of all your hard work and ideas over the past few years!
Thank you George you still are and always will be the best!!
yngwie308 (Dave)
You always, and very eloquently, say the nicest things... and deservingly so :toast:
sycokid thanks so much for your kind words..George is a very special person in this industry, one of the good guys who does it because he loves it and it shows in his work!
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