Metro-Plex Tolex Colors

All about the new Metropoulos plexi for the 21st Century.
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Metro-Plex Tolex Colors

Post by torren61 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:05 pm

For years, I have been trying to find an amp that would get me the sound I have in my head. (Not the canaries or the clown circus song.) The classic rock guitar sound of Reverend Gibbons, Ronnie Wood and Jimmy Page (to name just a few).

I'd heard of Metropoulos amps but I never heard one played before. I found a YouTube where George is comparing a Metro-Plex to a Super-Plex and I was just stunned. I've watched that clip several times. Wow. I like the sound of the Metro better than the Super but both are superb. That's the sound I wanted.

I've owned a lot of amps including a Jimi Hendrix signature full stack (way too much for me) and a JVM 410 but neither of them grabbed me. Both went to better homes. My current amps are a Crate Vintage 20, Crate Vintage 50, de Lisle Studio 15P, Swart AST MKII and a custom job with two 12AX7s, an EF86 and two EL-34s using a lot of the guts and chassis of a '68 Traynor Bass Master.

My latest Reverb purchase is a 2016 MetroPlex and 2X12 cab. They're listed as white but they look a bit more cream than white. I just paid for them yesterday so now begins the long and painful wait, lol.

My question is about the tolex colors. I didn't see a color option on the Metropoulos site and I was wondering if it's a special order thing? Is white fairly common?

I think it's kinda telling when you don't see many Metropoulos amps for resale. Anyway, I'm looking forward with great anticipation to getting my guitars plugged into my new old MetroPlex.

George, great job on the videos. Your playing is excellent, your explanations are succinct and understandable.

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