Tweed deluxe build with brown box AC controller

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Tweed deluxe build with brown box AC controller

Post by bluze81 » Fri Dec 17, 2021 10:48 am

My gig amp is a self built copy of late 50s Deluxe amp. Does about say 15 watts ,all mercury magnetics iron. Some clubs venues we play have bad power AC, Always seems high. Since my amps design were done at a time of lower ac volts out of wall . Amp varies in tone ,sometimes its edgy sounding, other places its perfect vintage tone. So I ordered a Brown box wall voltage controller , you can lower wall volt to amp AC 4% ,6 %,10% etc ,When reading fine print on product it states Designed for mid to large style amps? I am hoping this product will be ok for my amp tweed Deluxe? Do any of you wonderfull people have and use this product? Any info wanted .thank you

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Re: Tweed deluxe build with brown box AC controller

Post by Did J » Sat Dec 18, 2021 6:00 am

Yes I do. EuroVolt (brow box european cousin) for my Marshalls I set up around 200 VAC. The main AC voltage at home goes from 235 VAC to 241VAC where nominal is 230.
No need to place a high grade power conditioning units (which are stupidly expensive) in front of it.
The input voltage determines a lot if not all the internal voltages (plate voltage).

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