List multiple items in one thread - Personal items only

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List multiple items in one thread - Personal items only

Post by admin » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:34 pm

We would like to remind everyone who is not an advertiser on the forum that there are limits on what you can offer for sale here in the free members classifieds, and also give general guidelines for buying and selling on the forum.
  • Classified threads purge automatically after 60 days.
  • Buy and sell at your own risk.
  • One for sale thread at a time - list multiple for sale items in a single thread.
  • One wanted to buy thread at a time - list multiple wanted to buy items in a single thread.
  • It is ok to have a for sale thread and wanted to buy thread running at the same time.
  • Personal items only.
What is ok? Personal items. Examples:
  • Your used amplifier
  • A set of speakers
  • Set of guitar pickups
  • Your personal guitar
What is not ok? Selling as a business, reseller, or retailer, even if you don't have a formal business. This includes hobbyist retailers and those selling in bulk or quantity out of their garage. Examples:
  • 100 tubes
  • Varieties and multiple quantities of parts
  • Taking orders for your new line of speaker cabs
  • Guitars that you build yourself to sell in quantity
  • Pre-selling a part you had made in bulk
If you're not sure you should post it, you can ask a moderator for help.

If you find you have more for sale than is allowed here, you can always support the forum by becoming a paid advertiser and then advertise quantities or products in the business classifieds. More info here.

If we feel your ad doesn't follow the guidelines above, we will ask you to purchase a subscription to the advertisers forum at" onclick=";return false;, and/or delete the thread at our discretion. The MetroAmp forum staff have the final decision on what is ok to post here and we expect you to respect those decisions.